Implementation of the facilities of the North Tehran National Freeway Project
Effective participation in building and improving the quality of refineries in the country
Participation in increasing the capacity of oil and gas fields
Construction of more than 10 huge hospital projects
Participation in gas transmission by constructing 6 EPC gas pressure boosting stations


The construction of the building project of the Central Lawyers Association located in Saadat Abad
The construction of the Center Lawyers Association building project, located in Saadat Abad, has started with the delivery of the metal structure and workshop equipment in the Saadat Abad neighborhood of Tehran, on September 11,2023.
Successful commissioning of the third turbo compressor unit of Noorabad gas pressure boosting station
Successful completion and commissioning of the third turbo compressor unit of Noorabad gas pressure booster
احداث واحد‌های پلی‌اتیلن سنگین، پلی‌اتیلن سبک خطی (LLDPE/HDPE) مجتمع پتروشیمی دهلران
Carrying out executive activities of construction of industrial buildings, industrial civil engineering and underground piping
Determining the design and inspection technical and engineering company as a contractor in the Dehloran project tender
This is an honor to inform you that with the grace of Almighty God and the efforts of all colleagues, Design and Inspection Technical and Engineering Company during the tendering process, as the contractor …


More than three decades of activity of Design and Inspection Technical and Engineering Company have passed in carrying out construction and construction projects, the result of which has been the acquisition of valuable experiences in order to contribute to an influential role in carrying out the country’s construction projects.
Currently, by completing dozens of quality projects on time, we have attracted the satisfaction of various employers and based on the strategy of excellence in processes related to stakeholders, organizational operations, establishment of quality management standards, compliance with safety, health and environmental protection standards, We are trying to expand our specialized activities inside and outside the country with the efforts of diligent and capable personnel and by using our machinery and equipment.
We know that traveling this path will be difficult and will require a lot of effort and sacrifice, but with faith in a bright future, we have prepared ourselves in every way for this move and we will try with all our might to make this move towards the goal effective and As much assurance as possible. Considering the amount of work remaining in the construction of the country, we hope to be the source of more effective and valuable services.

Design and Inspection Technical and Engineering Company, with machines, equipment, specialized manpower and valuable experience from three decades of activity and effective efforts in providing engineering services in compliance with international and national standards, is ready to provide services and implement large projects. In the field of buildings, it announces construction facilities and equipment, both mechanical and electrical.
Participating in the economic progress of the country and carrying out large construction and national projects, becoming one of the top construction companies in the country and issuing technical and engineering services are among the prospects of the Design and Inspection Technical and Engineering Company.
In recent years, our strategic policy includes social responsibility and professional commitment, being progressive, creativity and innovation using technology and new operational methods at the same time as commitment to safety and environmental issues and enhancing the capabilities of human forces along with continuous improvement.

Piping for oil, gas and petrochemical projects

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Inch diameter

Hospital project and industrial building

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Square meters

Fixed and floating roof storage tanks

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Tunnel mechanical and electrical installations

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Health, Safety & Environment

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Safe Days

Participation in gas transmission

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Cubic feet per day

Germi 64-bed hospital

Ardabil educational hospital

Construction of 2 reservoirs of 20,000 cubic meters at Khoy power plant

Qazvin educational 220-bed hospital

Chalus 160-bed Hospital

Jajarm Aluminum

Fiber optic project

Chalus oil reservoirs

Tehran-North freeway project

Tehran Faiyazbakhsh 550-bed hospital

Tehran refinery

ایستگاه تقویت فشار گاز اراک

پروژه افزایش ظرفیت و بهینه سازی پالایشگاه شازند اراک

بیمارستان 96 تختخوابی لنگرود

طرح ازدیاد ظرفیت و احداث خط لوله بندرعباس – اصفهان

پروژه احداث ايستگاه تقويت فشار گاز كوهدشت

احداث واحدهای پلی‌اتیلن سنگین، پلی اتیلن سبک خطی (LLDPE/HDPE) مجتمع پتروشیمی دهلران

پروژه احداث واحد فرآورش مرکزی (CTEP) ـ طرح توسعه میدان نفتی آزادگان جنوبی ـ فاز یک

بیمارستان آیت ا… کاشانی شهرکرد

پروژه احداث ایستگاه تقویت فشار گاز پتاوه 4

پروژه نگهداشت و افزایش تولید میدان نفتی بینک

پروژه احداث ايستگاه تقويت فشار گاز نورآباد (EPC)

ایستگاه تقویت فشار گاز سیرجان

ایستگاه تقویت فشار گاز فراشبند

پروژه احداث فونداسيون و نصب هفت دستگاه مخزن در ساختگاه سبلان

پروژه احداث فونداسيون و نصب هفت دستگاه مخزن در ساختگاه دنا

سبلان و دنا

پروژه احداث سیستم اعلان حریق (F&G) پالایشگاه گاز پارسیان

جزیره سیری

پروژه افزایش ظرفیت انتقال محصولات تقطیر به مخازن و ایزوریسایکل به انبار نفت

پروژه افزایش ظرفیت انتقال محصولات تقطیر به مخازن و ایزوریسایکل به انبار نفت

خط لوله میناب ـ بندرعباس


The Design & Inspection technical and engineering company holds the following certificates:
ISO45001 - 2018
OHSOSE18001 - 2015
ISO14001 - 2015
ISO9001 - 2018
Has a level 1 qualification in performing contracting works in the field of construction and facilities and the field of facilities and equipment, as well as a level 2 qualification in the field of power, from the country's program and budget organization